F Series Connector / TWN Push-pull Waterproof Elbow(90°) Plug
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TWN Push-pull Waterproof Elbow(90°) Plug
TWN waterproof elbow(90°) plug with 102F, 103F, 1031F, 104F, 105F series
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Key Features
  • TWN.102F.30*.CLAD**(WSO 102 A/Z.05*)
  • TWN.103F.30*.CLAD**(WSO 103 A/Z.0**)
  • TWN.1031F.30*.CLAD**(WSO 1031 A/Z.0**)
  • TWN.104F.30*.CLAD**(WSO 104 A/Z.0**)
  • TWN.105F.30*.CLAD**(WSO 105 A/Z.0**)
  • Push-Pull self-latching system
  • watertight connection IP 68
  • 2-40 contacts
  • Easy mating, can be blind-mated
  • Increased equipment life span
  • Robust and shock resistant
  • high packing density for space savings
  • Full EMC shielding.
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Product Details
TW elbow(90°) Plug with key (N), with arc-shape metal guides, collet style clamp system for cable. Shell Size 102F or 103F or 1031F or 104F or 105F, 2-40 Pin Contacts, outer shell in chrome-plated brass, PPS insulator, male solder contacts, for 1.5~11.5mm diameter cable.
Cross Reference/EquivalentWSO Fischer core series connector
Shell size102F, 103F, 1031F, 104F, 105F
Multipole types2-40 Contacts
Protection levelIP68
Pulling and inserting times>3000.
HumidityMaximum humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 40°
Vibrationfrequency 10-20000HZ, acceleration 147m/s², ≤1um instantaneous break
Impactacceleration 490m/s², ≤1um instantaneous break
Cable opening1.5mm~11.5mm
About Company Image
Xi'an Spring Technology CO.,LTD
We produce high-performance connectors independently, which can cross reference with many leading supplier. Of course, our connector appearance patent was approved by the Chinese Patent Office last year. We focused on domestic trade for ten years, because the product quality is reliable, the performance is superior, we have long-term cooperation with many customers, and we supplied connector to Chinese military and used for Shenzhou 10 spacecraft. Our customer include SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC), China north industries group hanglian technology co,. ltd. From this year, we start to explore oversea market, and will supply all the customers with high-quality products with reasonable price.
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Xi'an, China
No of employees
Year Established
Business Type
Manufacturer, Marketing
Factory size
2000-3000 sq mt
Sales area
all over the world
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